I. Pledge of Allegiance
II. Citizens Concerns
III. Approval of Minutes
1. Minutes of the Meeting

A) Approval of the minutes for the August 2, 2017 meeting.

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a. August 2, 2017 TAC Minutes
IV. Regular Items


Staff recommends that the Technical Advisory Committee take the following actions:


1.              Acknowledge that the proposed action is a ministerial project exempt from the requirements of CEQA, pursuant to Section 15268 and Public Resource Code Section 21080 (b)(1)).


2.               Move to approve and authorize the filing of a Certificate of Compliance for one (1) 67.24 acre parcel pursuant to GC 66499.35 (a).


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a. Pettinger COC 17-08 SR
b. Pettinger COC 17-08 Vicinity Map Attachment A
c. Pettinger COC 17-08 Assessors Page Attachment B
d. Pettinger COC 17-08 Merger and LLA Cover Attachment C
e. Pettinger COC 17-08 Deeds and Docs Attachment D
f. Pettinger COC 17-08 Ordinance 577 Attachment E
g. Pettinger COC 17-08 Ordinance 1982 Attachment F
h. Pettinger COC 17-08 Plot Plans and Certificate Docs (5) Attachment G
i. Pettinger COC 17-08 Public Works Memo Dated August 11, 2017 Attachment H
V. Adjourn