1. Call to Order
1. Roll Call
2. Public Comment
3. Announcements
1. Announcements

A)               At the end of December two replacement buses were received and placed into service for TRAX and ParaTRAX as a result of Proposition 1B funds transit bond funds in the County Treasury.


B)              On March 1 2017, a Federal Administration Transit 5310 grant was submitted to continue the reimbursement of the ParaTRAX service operating expenses and notification of award is anticipated in June 2017.


C)              In accordance with December authorization, the 5310 Regional Transportation Planning Agency scoring for the North Valley Services replacement vehicle application to Caltrans was submitted.


D)              On Tuesday, May 9, 2017 at 3:30 there will be a ceremony to dedicate the two bus shelters at the Shasta College Red Bluff campus in memory of Shasta College Instructor Linda McKay.

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4. Approval of Minutes
1. Approval of Minutes

Approve minutes from the February 27, 2017 Tehama County Transit Agency Board meeting.

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a. TCTAB Minutes - February 2017
5. Update on TRAX Veterans Pass
1. Update on TRAX Veterans Pass and Recommend Changing the Status of the TRAX Veterans Pass from 2016-17 Fiscal Year to Permanent

A)              Informational Presentation on Success of TRAX Veterans Pass by Veterans Service Officer Kelly Osborne

B)               Approval of Permanent TRAX Veterans Pass

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a. TRAX Veterans Pass data
6. Approval of Claims
1. Approval of Claims

Approve Tehama County Transit Agency Board claims in the amount of $304,748.83.

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a. April Transit Claims
7. Adjourn