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Financial Impact

Funding in the amount of $1,098,500 was appropriated in the ACO Re-Entry budget #1081-57586 in Fiscal Year 2013/2014 ($500,000 was appropriated from the County General Fund, $60,000 from “ACO Contingency” and $538,000 from Community Corrections). Community Corrections has committed an additional $350,000 which has not yet been received. The demolition of the old library is estimated to be approximately $300,000 which will be submitted for reimbursement from Tobacco Securitization as previously approved by the Board. This will leave a balance of approximately $600,000 of unallocated Tobacco Securitization funds (which includes interest earned) which may be directed to the Jail Re-Entry project. It is estimated that there will be a remaining funding shortfall for the project of approximately $275,000. Annual operational costs for the Re-Entry Facility are estimated to be $2,729,062. The Sheriff, Executive Director of Health Services, and Chief Probation Officer have identified a possible offset of nearly $808,000 leaving an unfunded balance of approximately $1.9 million. A one-quarter cent county-wide sales tax would generate $1.88 million based on current receipts.


a)              INFORMATIONAL PRESENTATION - Regarding the status of schematic plans, project costs and available funding, next steps, and schedule for the construction of the Tehama County Community Corrections Re-Entry Facility

b)              INFORMATIONAL PRESENTATION - Regarding projected operational costs and possible funding sources

c)              Board discussion and possible direction to staff to proceed with the requirements for securing Project Establishment by the Board of State and Community Corrections, including the release of funds to the City of Red Bluff for the purchase of Madison Street

d) Board discussion and possible direction to staff regarding the funding of ongoing operational costs.


The architectural team and sub-consultants have revised the schematic drawings and magnitude of cost estimates for the SB1022 funded Tehama County Community Corrections Re-Entry Facility. The next step is to submit plans, estimates and property certification to the State in order to receive Project Establishment.  This is a major milestone in the project process requiring an ongoing commitment of County General Funds and an initiation of State eligible expenditures subject to completion of the project. The draft Budget Summary Table is attached for reference. 


The County will need to secure the deed for Madison Street in order to certify the real property prior to submitting for Project Establishment.  Staff previously received authorization for this expenditure of $305,000 but is requesting that the Board re-confirm the intent to move forward with the project prior to releasing the funds.


In addition to certifying the property ownership, staff will prepare documents to create a 40 foot public utilities easement on the easterly half of the current Madison Street right-of-way. 


Staff will be recommending that the demolition of the old library building be a separate contract from the jail construction project in order to avoid delays once the facility contract is awarded.  Timing of the demolition would then be a local decision separate from the project.  The demolition cost would be eligible for state funding if included in the project bid package, but this would require additional changes to the facility design to reduce costs.    


In 2014, the jail needs analysis identified the proposed location as the most economically feasible location, in large part due to shared facilities and staff with the existing jail.  The projected increases to operational costs at that time were $2 million.  


The operational costs for the Re-Entry facility were updated by Lionakis in 2016 to $2,729,062.  The Sheriff, Executive Director of Health Services, and Chief Probation Officer have reviewed the operational plan and the current programs being provided for sentenced individuals assigned to alternatives to incarceration.  They have identified a total offset of nearly $808,000 which will impact the level of service as described in the letter dated January 9, 2019.  This leaves an unfunded balance of approximately $1.9 million without a designated funding source. 


The Board will have an opportunity in 2020 to ask the voters of Tehama County to approve a one-quarter cent countywide sales tax increase, with a second ballot advisory measure that the funds be spent for jail operational costs.  Extrapolating from the current sales tax revenues, this tax would generate $1.88 million annually.  The current project schedule has an optimistic date of February 2020 for the issuance of a request for bids from contractors.  The March ballot would allow the Board to know the results of the election prior to proceeding with the solicitation for bids, which should not proceed unless the County is fully committed to proceeding with construction.  The projected construction schedule would result in the opening of the Re-Entry facility no sooner than November 2022.  Therefore, if a sales tax measure is placed on the March 2020 ballot, it could include an effective date of January 2022.  Messaging regarding the benefits of an expanded facility to families, merchants and residents at large will be essential for the successful passage of a sales tax measure.


Administration anticipates a significant impact to staffing and may request the Board consider adjustments at a later date.




Meeting History

Jan 29, 2019 8:30 AM Audio Board of Supervisors Regular Meeting
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MOVER:Burt Bundy, Supervisor - District 5
SECONDER:Dennis Garton, Supervisor - District 3
AYES:Steve Chamblin, Dennis Garton, Bob Williams, Burt Bundy, Candy Carlson