Tehama County

Regular Item

ADMINISTRATION / PERSONNEL - Chief Administrator Williams Goodwin



Financial Impact

This position is allocated across multiple budget units: 1011 Board of Supervisors, 1025 Purchasing, 1101 Risk, 1076 Property Planning and Management, and 1081 Capital Outlay (ACO). The allocation is currently budgeted at "E" step at an annual cost for Salaries & Benefits of $138,040. It is anticipated this position will be filled at "A" step for an annual cost of $116,671, resulting in a potential salary savings of $21,369.


a)              Request approval of a hiring freeze exemption/exception to fill one Administrative Services Director allocation, effective 8/6/19


The Administrative Services Director will be retiring, effective August 6, 2019.  This position is responsible for planning, organizing, oversight and administration of the day-to-day operations of the Divisions of Facilities Maintenance, Property Planning and Management, Purchasing, Risk and Capital Projects.  This unrepresented management position, subject to Resolution 2016-43, serves as part of Administration's management team and functions as an assistant to the Chief Administrator, acting as the Chief Administrator in his absence.  The incumbent is currently designated as Purchasing Agent, Risk Manager, and ADA Coordinator.


This is a key position within the Administrative team, providing direct supervision and direction to support staff that assist and facilitate the full array of Administration's operations, projects and programs.  The position serves as the point person for department heads and their needs as they pertain to facilities, projects, purchasing, risk and various other county-related functions. 


If this position is left unfilled, it would leave the department without day-to-day coordination and supervision.  The workload of the Administrative Services Director would be distributed among all Administrative staff, including the Chief Administrator, resulting in less time to complete their primary tasks and duties.  This will have an adverse impact on all programs and services provided to other departments by Administration.  These impacts could result in higher costs being incurred than those saved by the vacancy if key deadlines are not met.