Tehama County

Regular Item

ADMINISTRATION / PERSONNEL - Chief Administrator Williams Goodwin



Financial Impact

This position is allocated in budget unit 1074 - Facilities Maintenance. The allocation is currently budged at "E" step at an annual cost for Salaries & Benefits of $103,212. It is anticipated this position will be filled at A" step for an annual cost of $88,067, resulting in a potential salary savings of $15,145.


a)              Request approval of a hiring freeze exemption/exception to fill one Facilities Maintenance Director allocation, effective 8/19/19


The Facilities Maintenance Director will be retiring, effective September 4, 2019.  This position is responsible for the direction and supervision of all maintenance, cleaning and repair of all County buildings, grounds, parks, equipment and machinery.  The position provides direct supervision and direction to Facilities Maintenance personnel and coordinates their day-to-day workload in addition to special projects as needed.  This position works closely with the Chief Administrator and Administrative Services Director and advises on all required or requested maintenance, repairs or improvements.  The Facilities Maintenance Director is a critical position within the Administrative team, offering hands-on, operational experience in decisions related to County facilities and equipment.  Administration is seeking to fill the position approximately two weeks prior to the incumbents retirement to allow for a successful transition.


If this position is left unfilled, it would leave the department without overall coordination and direction.  This will have an adverse impact on the level of service provided by Facilities Maintenance and may result in delays in response and project completion. These impacts could result in higher costs for maintenance and repairs than those saved by the vacancy.