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a)              INFORMATIONAL PRESENTATION - To provide an update on the status of Reeds Creek Road and options for the repair of the damaged roadway


b)              Board discussion and possible direction to staff on which of the below Reeds Creek Road repair options to pursue:


1)                            Option 1 - To realign Liza Creek with the use of typical fill construction and

                         rock slope protection;



2)              Option 1a -To realign Liza Creek with use of gabion walls;



                                                                                                                                                                                                    3)              Option 2 - To realign Reeds Creek Road south of its existing alignment                                                                       and pursue any land acquisition necessary for the realignment



Reeds Creek Road parallels Liza Creek along the roadway in the area under study approximately 3.7 miles west of Wilder Road. Over the past several decades Liza Creek has shifted south into Reeds Creek Road and eroded into the roadway to the effect of closing the west-bound lane. Public Works has installed temporary concrete barriers and signalization to assist the traveling public in avoiding the damaged area.


The County currently has an implied dedication over this section of the road but with no legal description clearly defining the right of way. The existence of the roadway does appear in the deeds of the adjoining property owners. The extent of our “ownership” of the roadway is limited to the existing pavement and roadside drainage.


Public Works has developed two basic options to fix the road as follows:


Option 1


This option (including both of the sub-options noted above) requires permitting through Federal and State resource agencies. These permits will also require biological assessments and environmental analysis pursuant to CEQA and NEPA.


Option 2


Option 2 includes creating a new roadway alignment through the Walker property. The project will also include bank stabilization to avoid future stream bank erosion problems.  Staff has met with the Walker family on numerous occasions to discuss this option and have been told by the Walker family they would not participate in relinquishing land to the County. The costs for right of way acquisition may include attorney fees as well as the cost for the property. The benefit of this option is the creek would likely not ever affect the roadway again at this location.


The costs for the options are included in the table below. It should be noted that all of the costs presented below are preliminary in nature.













$10,000 Riparian habitat






$10,000 Riparian habitat






$50,000 Ag land




Staff recommends the Board of Supervisors direct the Department to pursue 

              Option 2 as outlined above.


If the Board gives direction to pursue Option 2, staff will prepare the necessary right of way documents, roadway design/construction documents, identify the necessary regulatory permits and begin the application process for those permits.


We will also begin the necessary conversations/process with the Walkers regarding the acquisition of the needed right of way.


Once these items of business are completed, staff will bring the item back to the Board for any further actions including but not limited to approval of the project scope, approval of project funding and discussion/actions necessary for the acquisition of the right of way.