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COMMUNITY ACTION AGENCY - Executive Director Laura Williams


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  2. 5062 Transfer 6.11.19

Financial Impact

Because of vacant positions during the fiscal year, there are salary savings available for transfer to Professional & Special Services. CSBG revenue was budgeted in 5062-4507200, and it is sufficient to fund this shift in expenses.


a)              TRANSFER OF FUNDS: SOCIAL SERVICES, B-53 - From Salary & Wages (5062-51010) $22,409; and from Extra Help (5062-51011), $16,000; to Professional & Special Services (5062-53230), $38,409 (Requires 4/5 vote)


Community Action Agency (CAA) planned funding for community projects/agencies, and was able to do more than anticipated.  The projects and agencies where CAA was able to fund more than planned included Senior Nutrition, Gleaners, Health Services Agency for one-stop homeless shelter,  LIFT event at Fairgrounds, Tehama County Society for Crippled Children and Adults, Camp Hope, as well as revamping the CAA website.  This transfer will allow CAA to end the fiscal year 2018/19 with positive expense account balances.