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Financial Impact

This discount prescription card will be provided to residents of Tehama County at no cost to County. Vendor has agreed to pay the County a royalty based on prescriptions purchased through participating pharmacies if the vendor receives compensation for the prescription. Royalties of $3,877.50 were received to benefit the Tehama County Senior Nutrition Program in Fiscal Year 2017/2018 and continue to be received at an average of $323 per month.


a)              AGREEMENT - Request approval and authorization for the Chairman to sign an Addendum to the Coast2Coast Rx Card Public Benefit Program Agreement with Financial Marketing Concepts, Inc. (FMC) for the provision of a discount prescription card to the residents of Tehama County and FMC's use of the County's name and official seal in connection with the provision of the discount prescription card, effective 7/1/19 and shall automatically renew every 3 years unless terminated by either party

(Miscellaneous Agreement #2019-163)


This Addendum renews the agreement with the vendor to participate in the discount prescription card program on behalf of County residents.  Participating in the program and allowing FMC to use the County's name and official seal in connection with the provision of the discount prescription card increases residents' access to the discount prescription program and promotes and encourages use of the program.  This results in meeting the social needs of the population of the County by decreasing residents' healthcare costs and increasing access to affordable healthcare, thereby serving a public need for Tehama County. 


This agreement provides the opportunity for the County to receive royalty payments for prescriptions filled that results in a paid claim by FMC according to the schedule in Exhibit B of the agreement. The royalty payments are benefiting the Tehama County Senior Nutrition Program.