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RED BLUFF COMMUNITY CENTER RE-ROOF PROJECT - Administrative Services Director Julie Sisneros


Category:Bid/Agree/Change Order

Financial Impact

This project is included in the ACO budget in the amount of $110,000 and costs will be shared 50/50 with the City of Red Bluff. Construction had been estimated at $80,000 and the low responsive bid came in at $102,500. In order to remain within the allocated budget, the request for Chief Administrator change order authority has been reduced to 5% of the construction contract amount instead of the usual 10%. If project change orders exceed $5,125 (5%), a request for additional funding will be placed on a future agenda.


a)              Request approval of the plans and specifications for the Red Bluff Community Center Re-Roof Project as amended by Addendum No. 1


b)              Request to award the bid to Baird Roofing Co. as the low responsive bidder for the Red Bluff Community Center Re-Roof Project in the amount of $102,500


c)              AGREEMENT - Request approval and authorization for the Chair to sign the    agreement with Baird Roofing Co. for the Red Bluff Community Center Re-Roof Project, for a total contract amount of $102,500

(Miscellaneous Agreement #2018-189)


d)              Request blanket authorization for the Chief Administrator to execute change orders for the project in an amount up to $5,125, with all change orders being brought back to the Board for confirmation



The existing composition shingle roof at the Red Bluff Community Center has exceeded its life expectancy and is experiencing leaks. Roof replacement is necessary as an expected step in the building's lifecycle.  Two flat roofs on the building are performing well and are not included in the project scope of work.  The agreement between the County and the City of Red Bluff gives the County responsibility for management of capital improvement projects.  Costs of the project, including staff time, are shared 50/50 with the City of Red Bluff.


Addendum #1 includes a minor clarification to the scope of work as addressed at the pre-bid project meeting. 


The Board approved the plans and specifications for this bid on May 22, 2018.