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HEALTH SERVICES AGENCY / PERSONNEL- Personnel Director Missi Bullington and Executive Director Valerie Lucero


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Financial Impact

The funds for this position are in the proposed FY 18-19 Budget Unit 40131 and the salary for the position at Range 84 Step C is $6,258/month. The Department has salary savings since there are numerous vacant positions in this classification.


a)               OTHER THAN "A" STEP - Request approval of the Personnel Action Form               appointing applicant as Clinical Social Worker II Bilingual at Range 84, Step C,
      effective, 8/16/18


There has been a continuous recruitment for the Clinical Social Worker II position since 12/26/17. 


Applicant has a Master's of Social Work degree and a second Master's degree in Applied Behavioral Analysis.   Applicant has over fifteen years of experience in the health and human services field with four years of experience working in county mental health and the county mental health systems which is extremely valuable.  This includes experience with Medi-Cal charting and billing, staff training, and developing and enforcing policies and procedures.  Applicant has familiarity with both child and adult services in county mental health.


The Department finds the applicant to be highly qualified for the position.  Applicant's experience with productivity expectations and electronic data systems will provide a significant advantage for the Tehama County Health Services Agency.  If the requested action is not approved, the County will lose the opportunity to hire this highly qualified applicant. The applicant lives out of the area so effective date of hiring will closely align with 8/16/18 but may extend shortly beyond that date.


Personnel has reviewed the candidate's skills and experience and agrees with appointment at "C" step contingent upon clearance of all pre-employment requirements.