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ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH / CODE ENFORCEMENT – Red Bank Rd., Red Bluff, CALIFORNIA (Lee Lawson-OWNER(S)) – Hearing on Notice Issued by Enforcing Officer in Public Nuisance Enforcement Action Against the Premises


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A)              HEARING - Planning Commission shall hold an administrative hearing to determine whether the conditions existing on the property located at Red Bank Rd., Red Bluff, California APN:  021-200-037 constitute a public nuisance under Chapter 9.42 and 10.16 of the Tehama County Code.


B)              RESOLUTION - Request adoption of a Resolution declaring the existence of a public nuisance on the property located at  Red Bank Rd., Red Bluff, California APN:  021-200-037 ; is a use or condition of the property in violation of Tehama County Code Chapters 9.42 and 10.16; is unsafe or detrimental to public health, safety, and/or welfare; ordering abatement thereof; and directing an itemized accounting of the costs incurred in abating the nuisance.



Continued - Tehama County Code Enforcement conducted an inspection of  Red Bank Rd., California (APN: 021-200-037) (“Premises”) on 5/31/2017. The enforcing officer issued a “Notice to Abate Public Nuisance and Administrative Order to Show Cause” (“Notice”) to the owner(s) and/or occupants(s) of the Premises on 5/31/2017.


The Notice alleged a dormant  well, constituting a public nuisance, existed on the Premises. Abatement of the nuisance was ordered as specified in the Notice.


On July 6, 2017 the Planning Commission continued the item to give the property owner time to finalize the well permit and secure a permit for a structure.