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ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH / CODE ENFORCEMENT – 8170 Marek Rd., Los Molinos, CALIFORNIA (Peggy Hargrove-OWNER(S) – Hearing on Notice Issued by Enforcing Officer in Public Nuisance Enforcement Action Against the Premises


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a)              HEARING - Planning Commission shall hold an administrative hearing to determine whether the conditions existing on the property located at 8170 Marek Rd., Los Molinos, California constitute a public nuisance under Chapters 10.16 of the Tehama County Code.


b)              RESOLUTION - Request adoption of a Resolution declaring the existence of a public nuisance on the property located at 8170 Marek Rd., Los Molinos, California; is a use or condition of the property in violation of Tehama County Code Chapters 10.16; is unsafe or detrimental to public health, safety, and/or welfare; ordering abatement thereof; and directing an itemized accounting of the costs incurred in abating the nuisance.




Tehama County Code Enforcement conducted an inspection of 8170 Marek Rd., Los Molinos, California (APN:078-350-010) (“Premises”) on 6/7/2017. The enforcing officer issued a “Notice to Abate Public Nuisance and Administrative Order to Show Cause” (“Notice”) to the owner(s) and/or occupants(s) of the Premises on 6/27/2017.


The Notice alleged a public nuisance, existed on the Premises. Abatement of the nuisance was ordered as specified in the Notice.