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Financial Impact

There will be no financial impact associated with the requested actions.


a)               Request approval of a revised classification specification from Case Manager - Wraparound Program to CAA Case Manager, effective 6/1/17


b)              RESOLUTION NO. 2017-55 - Request adoption of a resolution to amend Exhibit "A" Schedule of Range Assignments by revising the title of the current Case Manager-Wraparound Program classification into a CAA Case Manager classification, effective 6/1/17


c)               RESOLUTION NO. 2017-56 - Request adoption of a resolution to amend Resolution 2016-62, the 2016/17 Position Allocation List by adding 2.0 CAA Case Manager allocations, and by deleting 2.0 Case Manager-Wraparound Program allocations, effective 6/1/17 and approve the corresponding revision to the 2017 Tehama County Master Salary Schedule


The Social Services Department has requested a title change and minor revisions to a current classification, Case Manager- Wraparound Program, in an effort to generalize and more accurately reference all the programs of the Community Action Agency which this classification manages. 


The proposed revisions are a change to the classification title from Case Manager - Wraparound Program to CAA Program Manager as well as other minor changes within the classification to generally reference the Community Action Agency.  The current classification just specifically references the Wraparound Program of the Agency but over time, the programs of the agency have expanded and now include additional programs such as the Family Stabilization Program.  


With the approval of these actions, the two incumbents in the current Case Manager - Wraparound Program classifications will be reclassified into the CAA Case Manager allocation with no change to their salary anniversary date.  Approval of these actions will not result in a change to the employees salary as the salary range of the new classification is the same as the previous classification.


The Joint Council bargaining unit was provided written notice of the proposed revisions to the classification specification and was offered the opportunity to meet and confer prior to implementation.  The County has reached agreement with the bargaining unit regarding the requested actions.


Meeting History

May 23, 2017 8:30 AM Audio Board of Supervisors Regular Meeting
draft Draft
MOVER:Steve Chamblin, Supervisor - District 1
SECONDER:Bob Williams, Supervisor - District 4
AYES:Dennis Garton, Steve Chamblin, Bob Williams, Burt Bundy
ABSENT:Candy Carlson