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DISTRICT ATTORNEY OFFICE/ VICTIM / WITNESS - District Attorney Gregg Cohen and Victim/Witness Coordinator Jeffery Eldred


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Financial Impact

The UVA grant consists of 80% Federal funds ($129,733) and 20% County Matching Funds ($32,433). There is no additional impact to the County as the revenue for the additional expense of $15,334 was originally budgeted in revenue account 450563 (State OCJP (CALEMA)) and 471120 (Miscellaneous Revenue)


a)              TRANSFER OF FUNDS: DISTRICT ATTORNEY-VICTIM/WITNESS-UVA PROGRAM, B-34 - From General Fund Fund Balance Available (Fund 101, Account 301900) to Contingency, $15,334; and from Contingency to Vehicle, $15,334

(requires 4/5 vote)


b)              TRANSFER OF FUNDS : DISTRICT ATTORNEY-VICTIM/WITNESS-UVA PROGRAM, B-35 - From Salary, $11,622 to Pay in Lieu/Misc. Payouts, $692; to Maintenance of Equipment, $2,750; to Office Expense, $6,898; to Professional Services Expense, $238; to Special Department Expense, $143; to Transportation Expense, $400; to Internal Assets, $501; and From PERS, $2,187 to Internal Assets, $2,187; and From OASDI, $1,088 to Internal Assets, $1,088; and From Group Insurance, $7,308 to Internal Assets, $4,224; to Vehicle, $3,084; and From Unemployment Insurance, $28 to Vehicle, $28; and From Deferred Comp Match, $225 to Vehicle, $225; and From Communications, $73 to Vehicle, $73; and From Memberships & Dues, $26 to Vehicle, $26; and From Employee Travel/Training, $1,230 to Vehicle, $1,230



A)              The Victim/Witness Unserved/Underserved Victim Assistance (UVA) unit currently is funded by two Federal grants.  The first grant is for the period of 4/1/16 through 3/31/17.  The second grant, which we are currently applying for, is for the grant period of 4/1/17 through 9/30/18.  The UVA grant has a five-year grant period for which is reapplied for each year.


The request to increase the budget expenditures in the Victim/Witness UVA unit by $15,334 is due to an oversight on our part at adopted budget. At final budget, various accounts were reduced by $15,334 but staff failed to reallocate to accounts as intended, which would have had a net impact of $0.  The result was a net reduction of $15,334. In order to comply with the Federal grant regulations, we are requesting an increase to our regular expense budget by $15,334. This increase is to allow us to expend all grant revenue in the current grant year which, for this first Federal grant, expires on 3/31/17.


B)              Salary and Benefit savings were due to two employees resigning earlier this fiscal year. This allows for the requested transfer of funds to Pay in Lieu/Misc. Payout account, various Services and Supplies accounts and Internal Assets. Some Services and Supplies Savings will allow us to transfer additional funds needed for the purchase of a Vehicle.


The requested transfers will allow us to comply with Federal grant requirements calling for the expenditure of all funds within the current grant period which expires on 3/31/17.

Meeting History

Mar 21, 2017 8:30 AM Audio Board of Supervisors Regular Meeting
draft Draft
MOVER:Candy Carlson, Supervisor - District 2
SECONDER:Steve Chamblin, Supervisor - District 1
AYES:Candy Carlson, Dennis Garton, Steve Chamblin, Bob Williams, Burt Bundy