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HEALTH SERVICES AGENCY - Executive Director Valerie Lucero


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Financial Impact

The proposed contract sets the salary at $9,272 per month for the duration of the contract. The department has budgeted for the costs of salary and benefits for this position. In the event that during the term of Ms. Gee's contract the County agrees to a percentage increase for all classifications represented by the Tehama County Management Employees Assosciation, Ms. Gee's salary will be increased by an equal percentage.


a)              AGREEMENT - Request approval and authorization for the Chairman and Health

Services Agency Executive Director to sign an Employment Agreement with Deanna Gee for the position of Tehama County Health Services Agency Assistant Executive Director, Administration, effective 4/1/17 through 3/31/17 and approval of corresponding revision to the 2017 Tehama County Master Salary Schedule

(Miscellaneous Agreement #2017-63)



Ms. Gee's current employment contract as the Assistant Executive Director, Administration for the Health Services Agency is scheduled to expire on March 31, 2017. This 1.8 percent increase sets Ms.Gee's salary at 5 percent above the Mental Health Director, addressing an ongoing compaction issue.


The benefits contained in the employment contract reflect the standard ones provided in department head contracts which include a department head stipend of $100/month, $60/month cell phone allowance, 20 hours/month of Personal Time Off (PTO), 1 personal holiday per year, Parental Leave, Bereavement Leave, 40 hours per fiscal year of Management Time Off (MTO), a matched County Deferred Compensation of up to $80/month to align with the current benefits provided to employees in the Management Employees Association, and have further  been tied to any future increases or decreases provided to that Unit during the term of the agreement. Ms. Gee will also have the option to request compensation for up to 60 hours of accumulated Personal Time Off (PTO) per calendar year in lieu of Personal Time Off (PTO) with pay, subject to certain terms and conditions.


Ms. Gee has completed twenty-four (24) years of County service -therefore in the event that her PTO balance is equal to five hundred (500) hours at the end of any payroll period, Ms. Gee would be eligible to receive twenty five (25%) percent of the dollar value of the pay period Personal Time Off (PTO) leave accrual as a deposit into her deferred compensation account.


Without Board approval, Ms. Gee's Contract will expire on March 31, 2017, and the Health Services Agency will lose the opportunity to retain a highly qualified, and experienced administrator.


Meeting History

Mar 21, 2017 8:30 AM Audio Board of Supervisors Regular Meeting
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MOVER:Steve Chamblin, Supervisor - District 1
SECONDER:Bob Williams, Supervisor - District 4
AYES:Candy Carlson, Dennis Garton, Steve Chamblin, Bob Williams, Burt Bundy