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Update on TRAX Veterans Pass and Recommend Changing the Status of the TRAX Veterans Pass from 2016-17 Fiscal Year to Permanent


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A)              Informational Presentation on Success of TRAX Veterans Pass by Veterans Service Officer Kelly Osborne

B)               Approval of Permanent TRAX Veterans Pass


In June of 2016 the Transit Agency Board approved staff's recommendation to implement the Veterans Pass for the 2016-17 fiscal year.


At the February meeting the transit report include the attached Veterans ridership information.


In March Veterans Service Officer Kelly Osborne requested the opportunity to provide the Transit Agency Board with an update on the success for the TRAX Veterans Pass and stated the California Veteran's magazine featured the TRAX Veterans Pass.


Based on the success of the existing TRAX Veterans Pass staff is honored to recommend the approval of a permanent TRAX Veterans Pass.

Meeting History

Apr 24, 2017 8:45 AM Audio Tehama County Transit Agency Board Regular
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a) Deputy Director Barbara O'Keeffe apologized Veterans Service Officer Kelly Osborne was not able to present the update to the Transit Directors and noted the following announcements:

· The California Association of Veterans Services publication "Leave No Veteran Behind" annual report featured the TRAX Veterans Pass.

· Other agencies across California are looking to implement similar transit programs.

b) Deputy Director O'Keeffee stated the TRAX Veterans Pass was originally implemented for the 2016-2017 fiscal year. Based on the success of the pass, staff is requesting the approval of a permanent Veterans Pass.

Motion by Director Schmid, second by Director Chamblin to approve the permanent TRAX Veterans Pass.

MOVER:Robert Schmid, Director
SECONDER:Steve Chamblin, Director
AYES:Doug Hatley, Robert Schmid, Steve Chamblin, Bob Williams, Dennis Garton, Robert Christison
EXCUSED:Daniele Eyestone, Tony Cardenas