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Public Hearing: Unmet Transit Needs


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The purpose of today’s agenda item is to provide a brief overview of the process and invite public comment regarding unmet transit needs. Transit needs that are scheduled for implementation (connection to Glenn Ride in Orland) are specifically excluded from the definition of an "unmet transit need." 


a)              Open unmet transit needs hearing

b)              Overview of unmet transit needs process

c)              Invite public comment on unmet transit needs

d)              Close the public hearing and refer comments to the Social Services Transportation Advisory Council (SSTAC) for review



The annual unmet needs process and this public hearing are a requirement of the Transportation Development Act (TDA).  This process consists of the following steps:


1.               A public hearing to receive comments.

2.               The Commission refers the public comments to the Social Service Transportation Advisory Council (SSTAC) for review. 

3.               The "unmet transit need" and "reasonable to meet" (see attached) in order to develop a recommendation SSTAC compares the comments to the attached adopted definition of for the Commission.

4.              The Commission considers the recommendation and then adopts a finding by resolution.

5.              Transit needs that are 'determined to be reasonable to meet' are funded prior to allocating Local Transportation Funds (LTF) to streets and roads.


A pilot program commenced in the spring of 2014 to address the needs of Rancho Tehama Reserve, and the Diamond Express pilot to Shasta College started the Fall Semester 2016.  The Federal Congestion Mitigation Air Quality (CMAQ) funds are in place to reimburse TRAX operating costs for all pilot services (RTR, Shasta, connect w/ Glenn Ride) for a five year period (2013-14 to 2018-19).  The pilot to connect with Glenn Ride is anticipated to start next fiscal year.


Meeting History

Apr 24, 2017 8:30 AM Audio Tehama County Transportation Commission Regular
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Deputy Director Barbara O'Keeffe thanked everyone for attending the annual unmet transit needs public hearing.

a) The unmet needs hearing was opened at 9:32 AM.

b) Deputy Director O'Keeffe gave an overview of the annual unmet transit needs process.

c) Sharon Young, Paratransit Services General Manager, shared the following emails and letters she received:

· Paul and Janet Tooby expressed support for expanding the TRAX service area to Redding and Chico to provide access to medical services.

· Terri Papin requested expanded service hours, including Saturday service and a connection to Chico.

· Luke Pearson, a Rancho Tehama resident, requested the Wednesday Rancho Tehama route continue as this is the only way to get to Red Bluff for many residents.

Dan Tucker, a Tehama County resident, expressed concern for individuals who are unable to accept employment due to a lack of transportation. Without service on weekends, many people must walk to their jobs or turn down shifts due to a lack of transportation.

Natasha Magana, Tribal Council Paskenta Band of Nomlaki Indians, requested service be expanded south, noting there are many employees at Rolling Hills Casino without reliable transportation.

d) With no further comments, the unmet needs hearing was closed at 9:41 AM.

Deputy Director O’Keeffe noted the comments presented today will be sent to the Social Services Transportation Advisory Council (SSTAC) for review.